Shockwave Launcher Fortnite: 5 Tips and Tricks you need to know

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The Shockwave Launcher has won the community War Effort. It’s technically a downgrade of an older Mythic Weapon, but the Shockwave Launcher still has plenty of power. This weapon works a little differently in Chapter 2 Season 8 than it did in the past, so here are five Shockwave Launcher Fortnite tips to help you make the most of it.

Shockwave Launcher Fortnite: 5 Tips and Tricks you need to know

1- Legend-ary

The Shockwave Launcher was first introduced as one of Kit’s Mythic Weapons, only obtainable by besting him in Chapter 2 Season 3. This season it comes only in Legendary rarity, but shouldn’t be too difficult to find. Look for the gold glow. You’ll need rockets to fuel this weapon, so be sure to grab them when possible.

2- Sticky Fingers

Bombs from the Shockwave Launcher stick to surfaces before exploding, sending any player in the blast radius flying away from the bomb. You can use this to stick enemy builds, as the explosion will actually launch them through the walls and break the structure. Combine this with a Recon Scanner for some good hunting.

3- No skating allowed

Speaking of breaking structures, getting launched by the Shockwave Launcher causes you to run through structures. This means you can’t build a ramp to launch yourself higher. Hitting a ramp and breaking through it will cause you to lose the purple “low-gravity” state that prevents fall damage. This does also mean it can hurt opponents the same way, too.

4- Sword and Shield

The Shockwave Launcher isn’t just good for getting enemies away from you or you from them. It’s also a great too to rush enemies, either by using the sticky Shockwave Grenade to bounce yourself towards enemies to rush them or to disorient them. Make sure you have your shotgun or SMG ready when you jump.

5- Into the Storm

My favorite use for the Shockwave weapons is to launch enemies into the storm in the later game. You can then take advantage of the panic, or if you’re lucky the Storm will do your dirty work for you.

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