This is what happens when you hit level 1000 in Fortnite

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History has been made this Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8. YTRAGESREVENGE is the first player to reach level 1,000 by legitimate means, and has finally discovered what happens when you hit the Season level limit.

This is what happens when you hit level 1000 in Fortnite

Hitting the maximum level doesn’t lead to a Y2K-style meltdown for the game. Level 1,000 is the maximum level displayed, and going past 1,000 like YTRAGESREVENGE did reveals only a graphical bug. The game won’t display level 1,001; it will instead list the level simply X.

Previously, YTRAGESREVENGE hit level 600 in C2S1, and then level 500 in C2S3 and C2S7. This time, they went all the way, breaking their record and becoming the first player in Fortnite history to reach level 1,000.

It’s a pretty impressive trophy, as “Level X” has almost a refined, dignified stature.

How did this happen? Chapter 2 Season 8 will go down as the Season where XP was utterly broken. YTRAGESREVENGE pulled this off with a combination of simply playing a ton and exploiting easy XP loops that have since been patched.

It didn’t always start out like this. At the beginning of the Season, XP was slow. It was so slow that Epic Games had to overhaul the XP yield not once, but twice. Before these fixes, players found a few ways to get XP in modes like Impostors.

These weren’t so much bugs and glitches then they were exploits, and any player could have taken advantage of them. They were simply oversights on the part of the developer team, and were quickly patched out. Not quick enough to prevent players like YTRAGESREVENGE from racking up almost 600 levels, however.

Quests are still fairly easy to farm for XP, but without the massive boost from the Impostors or zipline exploit it’ll be hard for others to match this achievement.

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I’m wondering if Epic Games will acknowledge YTRAGESREVENGE. It’d be great to see the big company behind Fortnite take this in stride, as it technically reflects poorly on their game design.