Epic Games finally acknowledges Among Us dev Innersloth- Fortnite Among Us crossover likely

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Epic Games dropped a surprise update to Impostors, but the real surprise came with the announcement: they actually acknowledged Among Us and its developer, Innersloth.

Epic Games finally acknowledges Among Us dev Innersloth- Fortnite Among Us crossover likely

Innersloth was tagged in the latest 18.20 patch notes, and the two developers took to the comments for a brief interaction. Epic Games seems to apologize for not talking to Innersloth earlier, but in that business double-speak that doesn’t admit fault.

This likely was spurred by the community outcry against Epic Games for not acknowledging Among Us and Innersloth when Impostors first launched. Many thought that a real Among Us and Fortnite crossover would have been the collab to end all collabs.

The community uproar did provide a vital piece of intel: that players and fans of both games desperately wanted a crossover. There’s a market for this.

While Epic Games seems to be very gracious about the ordeal, they’re not the good guys here. You don’t get points for not screwing up, and Epic’s lack of contact with Innersloth has been well documented at this point. It’s not a case of too little too late, but rather, this could have been and should have been avoided this entire time.

Does Epic Games deserve credit for doing right? Of course. However, this seems like a case of finding the boundary by crossing it. This would have been so simple to get right the first time. It’s also somewhat hypocritical for Epic to have ripped off an indie developer so blatantly after asserting their developer-centric case against Apple.

At the very least, any deal struck with Innersloth is sure to be a great windfall for the indie company. Whether it was done as truly an act of good will or to save face among the industry, Epic Game’s olive branch to Innersloth proves that the community outcry worked.

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Details are slim for now, but we’re likely to see the real, proper Fortnite Among Us crossover we all wanted soon.