Fortnite Superman Quests Guide: Everything you need to know

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The Man of Steel is finally here in Fortnite, but like other caught in The Loop he’s lost his memories. You’ll need to help Clark Kent remember that he’s Superman by completing the Fortnite Superman Quests. Here’s where to go and what you need to do to unlock Superman.

Fortnite Superman Quests

First off, you’ll need the premium Battle Pass to unlock the Fortnite Superman Quests. With the Pass unlocked, you’ll be able to complete Quests to get Superman.

Your first task is to unlock Clark Kent by completing five Quests given by him, Armored Batman and Beast Boy. Just talk to them and accept their Quest like any other NPC. They’re scattered a bit, but here’s where to find the NPCs needed.

Where is Clark Kent in Fortnite?

Farms are pretty important to Superman’s background, so head to the Orchard north of Corny Complex to find Clark Kent. He’s in the lone house in the middle of the Orchard.

Where is Batman in Fortnite?

Armored Batman hangs out in Dirty Docks, on the south side in the lot of shipping containers. You’ll find him near the Saucer that’s parked.

Where is Beast Boy in Fortnite?

Good ol’ B.B.  hangs out in the Weeping Woods on the bridge in the center of the area.

Complete one Quest from any of them to get the Call to Action emote. Three Quests earn you the Superman Shield Spray. Once you’ve completed five Quests, the Clark Kent outfit is yours. From here, you’ll need to equip the outfit and head to a Phone booth and transform into Superman.

Phone Booth locations Fortnite

The Phone booths will be extremely familiar to veterans of Chapter 2 Season 2. You’re looking for red Phone booths that the quest should mark, but the easiest one to find is in at the gas station west of Holly Hatchery. Pop inside as Clark, and you’ll unlock the Secret Identity Emote, letting you turn into Superman and back. Check out our full look at the five Phone booth locations here.

Glide through 3 rings as Clark Kent

To get the Daily Planet Back Bling, go to Weeping Woods right off the Battle Bus. You’ll see a series of rings floating in the sky, so activate your Glider as Clark Kent and sail through them.

Complete Epic Quests

Fortnite Superman Shadow Styles
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From here, all you need to do is finish Epic Quests to unlock his Cape Glider, a Superman Banner, loading screen and Solitude Striker Pickaxe. Luckily, the game is counting Quests completed since the start of the season. Complete 84 quests to unlock the final reward: Shadow styles for the entire Superman set.

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