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You’ll need to know Phone booth locations if you want to complete the last leg of Clark Kent’s Quest and unlock Superman.

Phone Booth Locations Fortnite

The Phone booths you’re looking for are bright red, and they’re new for this update. Veterans of Chapter 2 Season 2 will be familiar with them, though their spawn points are different this time around.

Selecting the Phone booth Quest will mark where they are on the map. There are five phone booths scattered around the map, but you just have to enter one as Clark Kent to unlock the Secret Identity emote and Superman.

The easiest way to complete the Quest is to land right where the phone booth is. We’ll start at the easier locations to access, with more dangerous drop spots as the list goes.

Holly Hatchery

Our first Phone booth is on the west of the island, just outside Holly Hatchery. It’s not in the town proper, but further west at a gas station. This may be the easiest one to find right as the match starts, since it’s slightly off the beaten path for most rotations.

Corny Complex

This one is at another gas station, east of Corny Complex this time. This location can be a bit of a crossroads for enemies, especially those coming out of the next locations.

Retail Row

Retail Row can be a pretty hot drop spot if the Battle Bus starts over the east. This one is right in the center of the main shopping area, so there isn’t much cover if there are a few enemies.

Misty Meadows

The Phone booth at Misty Meadows is right at the bus station, on the western entrance of the town. This booth is a little safer to access, since most of the action in Misty happens further in the town square.

Craggy Cliffs

Craggy Cliffs is a bit out of the way so it’s been an underrated first drop, but I’ve been seeing more and more players landing here to take advantage of the good loot you can score from Fishstick’s Restaurant. The phone booth here is in the middle of the town, but like Retail Row there’s not much cover if you find yourself unarmed.

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