Fortnite: Reboot vans coming in v8.30

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The much anticipated respawn feature that fans have been clamoring for finally has a release date, v8.30.

The respawn feature has been talked about on Fortnite since the late months of 2018, even before the latest Battle Royale game, Apex Legends made the feature popular among players. After waiting for many months, the idea will finally be implemented into the game during patch v8.30 that will likely come next week.

To put it in layman’s terms, the Reboot Van will be a spot that players can revive their teammates that have been fully eliminated from said game.

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According to Fortnite’s latest dev update video, their will be Reboot Van’s in each of the games named locations, which means that there will be at least 21 vans located across the entire map for use.

When a teammate dies, a reboot card will be dropped and need to be picked up by one of the surviving members and taken to the van. When being revived, the van will make a noise that will inform enemies that players are being revived and how many at once.

On Apex Legends, when a player was revived they spawned in the air in an airship and came down on a rope. On Fortnite’s version of the respawn feature there will be a pad.

On the competitive side of play, despite the fact that it will be hard to get off a reboot in very populated areas, if you land in a less often landed spot and lose your teammate off spawn, it is a great idea. Instead of having to play the rest of the game without your duo, you will now be able to revive them.

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