Epic Games Brings Back Trios in Fortnite

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After a lot of community backlash, Epic Games has unvaulted Trios mode in Fortnite.

As Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 looms closer, Epic Games has made some major changes to the current season in its final weeks. The wildly popular Star Wars collaboration was replaced with a Spider-Verse crossover, trading Lightsabers for Web Shooters.

Epic Games also removed Bounties, Siphon, and Trios from the game around the same time Fortnite Ranked dropped. All three features are staples in Fortnite, and seemingly were taken out of the game without much of a reason.

Thankfully, Epic Games has decided to rectify at least one of their recent mistakes.

Epic Games Brings Back Trios in Fortnite

Today, Epic Games announced the return of Trios in non-ranked Battle Royale and Zero Build. The fan-favorite mode joins Solos, Duos, and Squads as the four playable modes in Fortnite.

Trios, unfortunately, will not be available in Ranked. Zero Build Ranked is still limited to just Duos while Battle Royale Ranked is only in Solos, Duos, and Squads.

Perhaps the game is simply trying a few possibilities at the end of Chapter 4 Season 2 to prepare for the launch of Chapter 4 Season 3. According to leaks, there are new weapons, vehicles, and map changes coming in update v25.00.

Players have until June 9 to enjoy the current map and finish the Battle Pass before Optimus Prime and a jungle biome takes over the game. At least now, they can play Trios.