Fortnite: Symfuhny makes it official, joins NRG

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One of the most anticipated signings in all of Fortnite, Symfuhny, after months of speculation has decided to join NRG’s Fortnite roster.

As one of the most well known names in all of Fortnite, Symfuhny originally became known for his outstanding ability to edit quicker than anybody not named Secret Mongraal. As his popularity soared so did his playing in scrims, as he began to play more and more with Tfue in Tfaul duo scrims, winning multiple matches.

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Symfuhny still has been known in the competitive side of Fortnite ever since last year’s Summer and Fall Skirmishes, where the 19 year old racked up over $130,000 in winnings in under 6 months. He announced his team on March 13th, where in Creative Mode he spelled out “NRG” with blocks that can be rearranged.

In joining NRG, he will be joining King Richard, who has been very keen of the newly released Battle Royale game Apex Legends as of late instead of Fortnite, a top European player in MrSavageM, and one half of arguably the worlds best duo ZayT.

As the qualifiers for the Fortnite World Cup begin, we will likely see many teams start to sign more and more players, especially since it was announced that players under the age of 15 will be able to compete for the first time. We recently saw Faze sign controller phenom Swayy to their Fortnite team.

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Do you think NRG is the right home for Symfuhny? Or do you think he should have taken his talents to a bigger organization?