Fortnite: Ghost Bizzle, Dmo win $10,000 CodeRed Tournament

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On March 15th, BoomTV hosted another CodeRed Fortnite tournament. With a different format this time, two professional players for Ghost Gaming walked away with the victory.

The BoomTV CodeRed Tournament has been around for a few months now. They have hosted events in PUBG, Apex, Blackout, and of course Fortnite. On March 15th they hosted yet another intallmesnt of their ever so popular Fortnite tournament.

During the tournament on the 15th, the event featured a new set of rules for the first time. In the past, players would enter public lobbies and go for the most kills facing off in 2v2 squad games, in this event all 100 players entered into a custom server. Points were determined by high placements and six points per kill.

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Just like previous tournaments, many big names in the Fortnite scene competed once again. Those who participated include the ESL Katowice Duo Tournament winner Ghost Saf, who played with the NRG Zayt, his usual duo counterpart. All players who were streaming the tournament were required to have a 120 second delay so that they could not be stream sniped by opposing players.

The Fortnite Code Red Tournament will award $10,000 distributed as shown below.

  • First place: $5,000
  • Second place: $2,500
  • Third place: $1,250
  • Fourth place: $750
  • Fifth place: $500

The top 10 after the sixth game were as followed.

  1. Ghost Bizzle & Ghost Dmo
  2. TSM Kaysid & Faze Jaomock
  3. Ghost Saf & NRG Zayt
  4. TSM Vinny & TSM Zexrow
  5. Ghost Snood & Ghost Thwifo
  6. BuckeFN & WhySoLavish
  7. Liquid Chap & Liquid Poach
  8. TSM Myth & TSM Commandment
  9. Nate Hill & Funkbomb
  10. Slappie & HappyG

What do you think of the new CodeRed Fortnite tournament format? Would you like to see more of the same or did you like it more the way it used to be? Let us know in the comments below!