Fortnite: Two new island themes in Creative mode

Epic Games Twitter
Epic Games Twitter /

Up until now there has only been the basic creative island to build on, however Fortnite has now added two more theme islands.

Ever since Creative was added to Fortnite we have seen many uses for the free to build island. We have seen countless number of 1 vs 1’s for wagers, most courtesy of Ghost Aydan who routinely takes his oppositions money if they dare to match up against him. We have seen deathmatches being built for teams and/or solo’s from countless pro players, lobbies that hold up to 16 players have been a tremendous help for practice.

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Of course, Creative likely would not have reached the popularity it has without Cizzorz’ Deathrun. At first, they original deathrun seemed harmless, albeit an extremely hard course that he made for a fun competition. Little did he know that it would transform into one of the biggest pre-loaded islands on Fortnite. The third version of the deathrun even had Epic Games throw in their own money for the player who competed the most levels within an allotted time, that Ghost Bizzle so aptly won.

There have been a few tweaks to Creative since its release, mostly for bug fixes and small changes. However, on March 13th they announced via Twitter that will be now two more bases that players can build on or face off in build battles against their friends if they choose to do so.

The newest additions will be Volcano and Sandbar, we have only seen photos of what the Sandbar looks like. If Volcano is anything like the Sandbar in terms of detail, it will be an extremely fun island to practice on. What do you think of the newest additions to Creative? Let us know in the comments below!