Fortnite Timber Pine Locations

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Fortnite’s latest batch of Star Wars quests have players searching for specific trees. Fortnite Timber Pines are scattered across the map, and fans will have to find some to earn more Galactic Reputation.

A Begun the Clone Wars Have Quest requires players to “Knock down a Timber Pine with a Force ability or Lightsaber.” Easy enough, if you know what a Timber Pine is and where they are found in the Battle Royale.

First, though, players will have to train with Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, or Darth Maul to obtain a Lightsaber and Force abilities. Although the red Lightsaber is the most powerful, any will do to complete the quest.

Once you have a Lightsaber in your inventory, it is time to find a Timber Pine.

Fortnite Timber Pine Locations

The highest concentration of Timber Pines can be found all across the southeast portion of the map. The Japanese biome might be known for its Cherry Blossoms, but there are also ample Timber Pines to knock down.

Timber Pines line the outskirts of the four newest POIs; simply get in a car and search the surrounding areas for the tall trees. Timber Pines look like large Christmas trees, and when they are chopped down, the trunk will remain on the ground.

Like most quests in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2, Mega City is an easy place to visit to knock down a Timber Pine. The POI is surrounded by forest, and as you travel closer to Frenzy Fields, you will find Timber Pines all over the map.

Once you find a Timber Pine, hit the trunk with your Lightsaber to complete the quest. You can wield your Force abilities to knock it down as well. The resulting 200 Galactic Reputation can be used to unlock free and premium rewards in the Star Wars Battle Pass, like the Coruscant Guard Outfit.