Fortnite Discord Quests: How to Complete, Rewards

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There have been ample opportunities for players to earn XP and free cosmetics throughout Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2, and now that Star Wars has invaded the Battle Royale, there are even more. Along with the Find the Force Quests, there are now Fortnite Discord Quests that players can complete for an exclusive in-game reward.

Players eligible to participate in the Fortnite Discord Quests must have an Epic Games account, a Discord account, and at least one friend on Discord. Then, they can get started on the simple tasks to receive a new Wrap.

Here’s a breakdown of how to complete the Fortnite Discord Quests.

Fortnite Discord Quests: How to Complete

There are two available Discord Quests in Fortnite, and fans only need to complete one to gain the free cosmetic reward. Players can either:

  1. Go live and screen share Fortnite on Discord to at least one Discord friend for 15 minutes or more.
  2. Enter an official Fortnite Discord server and participate in the given tasks in Discord and Fortnite.

No matter which option you choose, the reward will be added to your Fortnite Locker once the tasks are finished.

Fortnite Discord Quests: Rewards

Players who successfully complete one of the Discord Quests will earn a Coruscant’s Pride Wrap. The weapon skin is white, black, and red, matching the Star Wars theme.

The wrap will also pair well with the Coruscant Guard Outfit, available to unlock in the Premium Reward Track of the Star Wars Battle Pass. Earn 8,000 Galactic Reputation to get the exclusive skin to match with the Coruscant’s Pride Wrap.