5 Reality Augments from Chapter 4, Season 1 that we want back in Fortnite

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Fortnite made a mistake removing the best Reality Augments for season two.

Fortnite really got messed with when the developers removed the best Reality Augments from the game in favor of a whole host of ammo augments. The new Reality Augments for Chapter 4, Season 2 is awful and the ones that were rolled over from Season 1 are among the ones no one wants.

Sure, you have the Chug Cannon perk but that’s about it. Fortnite needs to fix this step and return the game back to a prior state, where fans had some awesome perks to pick from. Not the nonsense the game is throwing at us currently.

As an aside, the three that didn’t make the cut but almost did were the Bow Specialist, Mechanical Archer, and Icy Slide perks. The Bow Specialist and Mechanical Archer perks go hand in hand with one another, and the Icy Slide works wonders but there are better traversal perks we’re going with.

Five Reality Augments we want back in Fortnite for Chapter 4, Season 2

Tactical Armory

While the Combat Shotgun that came with this perk is in the game currently, the Tactical AR is not and remains one of the best weapons in the entire game’s history. You could easily just bring this perk back but either raise the rarity on both guns or just simply keep it the way it was.

Rift-jector Seat

The Rift-jector Seat allowed you to avoid being ambushed by players, and without it, the game is just too sloppy now. It was a revolutionary item and almost a necessity for Zero Build.

Bush Warrior

Allowing players to mostly heal themselves without the need for items allowed players to carry fewer items and more weapons. It was a brilliant perk.

Party Time

I was a sucker for the balloons. The only issue with the Party Time perk, you couldn’t control when the balloons came out, leaving it a rather messy perk.

Soaring Sprints

Some Slap Juice with the Soaring Sprints perk made traversal all the quicker.

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