What Reality Augments were removed from Fortnite’s Chapter 4, Season 2

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Fortnite made a bold move vaulting these beloved Reality Augments for Chapter 4, Season 2

Fortnite changed the game forever when they introduced Reality Augments into the game for Chapter 4, Season 1. These new arguments or perks as they’re called would be rewarded to players each time they survived a storm circle. You can get four per game and they were revolutionary for Fortnite players.

They added so many things to the game, weapons, ammo, health, healing, and sneaking. You could actually do an Augment Only run and win, something yours truly had done several times. Yet, when Chapter 4, Season 2 came rolling around, the meta was changed forever.

Literally, every great perk that the game introduced through the Reality Augment setup was removed in favor of newer, lesser augments. But what ones were taken out of the game completely?

Reality Augments that Fortnite valuted for Chapter 4, Season 1

Fortnite removed the following Reality Augment perks for Chapter 4, Season 2.

  • First Assault
  • Pistol Amp
  • Bow Specialist
  • Mechanical Archer
  • Demolitions Munitions
  • Rifle Recycle
  • Tactical Armory
  • Rushing Reload
  • Shotgun Striker
  • Danger Hero
  • Rift-jector Seat
  • Last Shots
  • Rarity Check
  • Mythic Munition
  • Bush Warrior
  • Party Time
  • Forecast
  • Storm Mark
  • Soaring Sprints
  • Zero Chance
  • Shadow Striker
  • Icy Slide
  • Splash Medic
  • Peely’s Plunder
  • Harvester

As you can see, just about every great argument has been taken out of the game for the current season. Why? We’re not sure, but losing so many good ones did not curry favor with the fandom. A fandom who were just getting used to the augments in the first place.

Clearly, it’s possible that some of these will be brought back throughout the second season, but it’s also possible that the developers keep creating newer ones going forward, and that may be a nightmare scenario for players to deal with.

The first season was perfect in what players got.

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