Fortnite should do more floating POIs for the season

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Fortnite brought in a cool new concept that they should do more of.

Right now if you play a match in Fortnite, near the final few storm circles in the game, you’ll see a house and cave from Loot Lake pop up in the air. You’re able to climb it, claim the loot for your own, and venture off back to the ground before anyone knows you were even there.

It’s a rather cool concept that has gotten players talking. A floating island that magically appears in the air? It’s rather cool, and it adds another layer to the game completely.

It’s such a good idea, that the game should introduce a new floating island with every other storm circle or so, just to help keep things interesting. Maybe you can even attack ways to traverse the floating land masses as the storm circles close in around you.

Adding more floating islands will keep Fortnite players on their toes

The floating islands are a great gimmick and it borrowed from past ideas the game has tried out. Most notably the chrome seasons, where players could scurry up to floating points of interest that were elevated to avoid being “chromed”.

Adding in more floating POIs, but rotating which ones appear, and from what map, what chapter, and what season would add such a new and unique twist to the gimmick. More so if you make some bosses pop up.

Having to fight some bosses to get certain loot would add another layer to the already interesting idea, plus having multiple new POIs to explore each game simply adds a bit more difficulty to the game. If everyone is trying to explore the new land masses, then you’re going to have far more encounters high above the island and that’ll help quicken some of the games.

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