Who are the NPCs for Chapter 4, Season 2 of Fortnite and where can you find them?

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Where can you find the NPCs for Chapter 4, Season 2?

We’re hitting this region by region, starting with the newest Japan-biome. The first NPC you can find in this area is CRZ-8, who is found immediately southwest of the new drifting race track. If you go to Neo Tokyo and climb the MEGA City Tower, you can find Stray, one of the new Battle Pass outfits. Just east of Neo Tokyo, you can find Neuralynx, who is in a building near a small lake. Just southeast of her, one of the small islands is Evie, who is in the Knotty Nets area. In the bottom southwest portion of the Japan biome, you can find Thunder, who is on an island just south of Steamy Springs.

The Farm Biome has three, reaching across the region. Garrison is on the small peninsula on the southwest portion of the map. There’s a fire watch tower on a hill near where he is. Sunflower is located just northeast of the location, at Frenzy Fields, while Remedy is at a small castle southwest of Slappy Shores.

The NPCs are pretty easy to find in Chapter 4, Season 2; with a little help

If you’re looking at the Autumn/Medevil biome, there are three NPCs. P33ly is at a castle outpost near the river, just south of Anvil Square. Just northeast of the Citadel is a small castle outpost you can zipline to, there you’ll find Mizuki. In the furthest west castle outpost in this biome, you’ll find Longshot.

Lastly, in the snow biome, you’ll find Polar Patroller in the frozen lake area of the map, just northeast of Anvil Square and slightly southwest of Brutal Bastion. If all else fails, here’s a map from GameSpot that may be able to help you find your way around.

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