3 new Reality Augments for Chapter 4, Season 2 that are useful in Fortnite

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Fortnite brought in some new Reality Augments for Chapter 4, Season 2 and they mostly suck.

The folks at Fortnite a big-brain decision this season by removing some of the best Reality Augments they ever created from Chapter 4, Season 1. In its stead, you can go dumpster diving and see where chests are. Ooooo, so useful. The removing of so many great perks from the game has upset fans for Chapter 4, Season 2.

And the calls for the good augments from Chapter 4, Season 1 to return are reaching a fever pitch. Fans hate the perks and players are spending less gold to cycle through the options, because what’s the point? There is no competitive edge anymore.

Yet, three perks that were added this season don’t suck on their own. They’re not good enough to replace what fans lost in Season 1, but had the good perks remained, fans would’ve been fine with these being compliments to perks like Rift-jector Seat and Bush Warrior.

What three new Reality Augments aren’t terrible

Slap Surplus

Slap Surplus gives you one Slap Juice with each chest you open up, making health very close to you at all times. Considering the lack of escape perks that fans no longer have access to, being able to outrun others and heal from surprise attacks is a huge benefit. Having an abundance of health items sure will help.

Mutations Slide

All you have to do with this perk is slide and in doing so, you can get a near-unlimited amount of bullets for your rifles and such. It’s a great way to build up your ammunition for medium guns.

Dignified Finish

While it may not be the most important perk ever, Dignified Finish allows you to quickly recharge your Kinetic Blade by eliminating someone with the sword. It may not be the most necessary, as it’s only a 10-second charge to get back a dash attack, but it’s still better than what else was provided.

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