5 things we’re going to miss from Fortnite’s Chapter 4, Season 1

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What are we going to miss the most from Fortnite’s Chapter 4, Season 1

Fortnite has made the switch from Chapter 4, Season 1 to Chapter 4, Season 2. In doing so, the game has cycled through its normal dynamic of refreshing the game. Some things stay. Some things leave. Some things get added.

It’s pretty common for Fortnite to do so, as it freshens up the game and makes players adapt to new situations. While we know this coming and accept that some of our favorite things will be vaulted at some point, that doesn’t mean we don’t get sad to see some things leave.

In fact, we found a few things, five to be exact, that we’re sad to see go now that season one has ended.

Five things we’re going to miss from Chapter 4, Season 1

Shockwave Hammer

If you’re an avid reader of this site, you know how much I adored the Shockwave Hammer. It was as good of a traversal item as it was a combat item. The Kinetic Blade is a fine replacement but it’s just not the same.

Ex-Caliber Rifle

The Ex-Caliber Rifle was a lot of fun, not only was it accurate and powerful but after tagging a player, they had to live with the dread of knowing that there was nothing else they could do. That blade was going to explode and more than likely, it’d be how that player was getting eliminated.

The Ageless Champion

Part of the reason we’re going to miss Geno’s youthful Ageless Champion is because of the Ex-Caliber Rifle and Shockwave Hammer he dropped. The other reason is simply that he was one of the better bosses to battle in Fortnite history.


We had dirtbikes for one season and they already got vaulted in favor of vehicles that make less sense in the game. Great.

Splits Bowling Alley

This was easily one of the more fun and unique landing spots in the game. Like with the dirtbikes, we didn’t have them for long enough.

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