What are some leaks to expect ahead of Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 2

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Fortnite is getting ready to launch Chapter 4, Season 2 this week, but what is coming when the seasons change?

To many around the United State, we’re leaving winter and entering spring. Well, outside of Ohio probably. We’re getting ready for our “second winter”, which always pops up before spring officially hits. The US isn’t the only group preparing for a change of seasons, with Fortnite getting to as well.

The second season of chapter four is getting ready to launch on March 10, and thanks to some dedicated leakers, we have an idea of what’s coming.

Twitter user HYPEX, a very reliable leaker and insider, has revealed some of the things you can expect to arrive in the game for Season 2.

This includes two new points of interest (POIs), Lucky Landing and Neo-Tokyo. Lucky Landing may be getting a facelift for its return to the game. A new katana melee weapon is expected to debut, as the season is shifting from knights to samurai and ninjas. Moving away from the European cityscapes apparently and more towards a futuristic Tokyo aesthetic.

There are even going to be futuristic motorcycles, that if the leaks are true, look very much like the Tron cycles. There are going to be new mobility slides and of course, an updated armory.

Fortnite’s second season sounds promising

The shift in focus from a more medieval European design to a more futuristic Tokyo, Japan design is interesting and the use of a sword over a hammer is going to be exciting. While fans are losing the Shockwave Hammer for season two, hopefully, the new sword weapon allows some type of traversal as well.

As for the new motorcycles, that’s the part that has me the most excited, as that could add some very unique opportunities, especially if they play like dirtbikes. Allowing you to shoot while riding them and heal yourself. Just faster.

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