Fortnite Battle Pass for Chapter 4, Season 2 has leaked

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Fortnite has had its Battle Pass completely leaked ahead of Chapter 4, Season 2.

Fortnite made huge waves with Chapter 4, Season 1‘s Battle Pass. It featured three key characters that everyone wanted. A young Jeno, aka the Ageless Champion, Doom Guy/Doom Slayer, and of course Geralt of Rivia. Season two had a huge uphill battle to match the hype and execution of season one’s and frankly, no one thought that it’d be able to match it.

And if the leaks are true, they didn’t.

The Season 2 Battle Pass has been leaked and the characters in this season’s pass are mostly just Epic Games creations. That’s ok for the most part, but when you’re talking about two major crossovers and the game’s main villain, it becomes very hard to top that.

The new Battle Pass season does feature some unique designs but its selling point comes down to one character and one character only.

The only reason to get Fortnite’s Battle Pass for Chapter 4, Season 2 is Eren Yeager

The only crossover in this Battle Pass is Eren Yeager, and his arrival in the Battle Pass is kind of a big deal, but not nearly as it would’ve been nearly a decade ago when Attack on Titan, the series in which Eren is the feature character, first really got popular. Now, the series has cooled a lot and doesn’t have the same fan support it once did.

But with the show ending this year, the inclusion does make sense, it’s just not as big of a deal as former anime crossovers, Dragon Ball Z, and My Hero Academia.

Still, Eren, the series’ main hero, and villain, will still draw a lot of eyes to the pass, just not as many as season one’s.

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