3 best medical items you need to survive the storm in Fortnite

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Stuck in Fortnite’s storm? These items could help.

The storm comes for all of us in Fortnite. It is the one factor that ensures all players have to deal with one another eventually. It’s pretty aggressive, and it becomes worse and worse the longer the game goes on, taking more and more damage from you the longer in it. It starts just taking one point of health every moment you’re in, and eventually, it’s taking you down by 10 full points.

In seconds, you’re eliminated.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. There are ways to survive the storm, should you be stuck in it, and those ways all come in the form of health and healing items. When in the storm, you want to be prepared. If you’re looting or trying to outlast a boss, you’re going to want to maintain healing items that affect your health, not your shield.

So if you plan on staying in the storm, what three healing items will you need?

Three healing items to survive the storm

Med Spray

If you’re in the early phase of the storm, the med spray is your best item. It’s not going to heal you fast, like the next item on the list, but you can use it while you run and you have 150 health points to go through, and that’s only if you’re carrying one.

Chug Splash

Like the Med Spray, the Chug Splash is something you can use on the run, and unlike the Med Spray, it can heal you far quicker, but you also carry less overall health when you stack these items. So you sacrifice total value for quickness.

Slurp Juice

The Slurp Juice is your best friend in any phase of the storm. It heals you one health point every 0.5 seconds, allowing you to stay in the storm indefinitely early on, as it neutralizes the effects of the storm for about 37 seconds. That is, in the early stages. Once it starts taking more than one health point away, you’re going to need to pair it with something else, to help slow down the effects.

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