Could Biome Events bring weather back to Fortnite?

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Fortnite may be bringing back weather events for Chapter 4.

Chapter 3 gave Fortnite fans a whole host of things they never knew they needed before. Floating points of interest, giant dinosaurs (we miss you Klombo), metallic goo that can be used to traverse the map at a faster rate and warp through walls, and of course, last but not least, weather.

Fortnite is an island devoid of most weather phenomena, at least so we thought. In Chapter 3, Fortnite introduced tornados and thunderstorms, allowing some nonsense to be had by players crazy enough to enjoy it.

Tornados would scoop you up and allow you to evade attackers, or perform some really easy tricks, with yours truly hitting 1,000,000 trick points on a quad crasher. The thunder storms would bring in lighting that would strike you and do a little damage but also give you an increase in speed and stamina. Making it the only time you would ever want to get struck by lighting.

Fortnite has taken the weather elements out of the game but now some leakers believe the weather will be returning but in a different format.

 Weather Biome Events could be fun for Fortnite fans

As you can see above, those that traverse the data of Forntite have found something called Biome Events, which may be weather-specific occurrences in the specific areas that make up the curren’t island’s map.

Fortnite has three distinct biomes this season, snow, autumn, and green biome. Each biome could feature its own distinct weather effects. A blizzard could happen in the snow biome, leading to slower players and lessened visibility. The autumn biome could feature random wind tunnels that pop up and escort you away from enemies, or into the storm. While the green biome could see the return of thunderstorms.

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