Fortnite vaulted a number of items for the Most Wanted event but what are they?

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Fortnite vaulted several items and weapons for the Most Wanted event.

Chapter 4, Season 1 has brought in a slew of new items and weapons, namely the new mythics and the older exotic weapons. That’s not all, as the game has brought in new vaults and wanted levels for players to mess around with. This is just some of the stuff we’ve gotten with this new event, but to make way for so much new and returning content, some things had to go.

So what all went? Well, not as much, shockingly, but we did lose some things with the latest update.

The game brought back the heavy sniper and the Boom Sniper Rifle, which means that some things had to get vaulted. For some reason, Fortnite doesn’t like having the snipers and bows in the game at the same time due to having vaulted the bows.

What else has been removed? Well, the Reality Augments that gave players bows were also removed, so all six bow types (explosion, shockwave, flame, stink bomb, grapple, and unstable bow) have all been removed for the duration of the event.

The other thing removed from the game is the speedboats. For some reason, they were deemed too, well, something? They didn’t really impact the game in any way, so maybe it was done to reduce lag or draw distance or something.

All of these items and augments will be gone from Battle Royale and Zero Build for the entire duration fo the Most Wanted event, but should all come back by the end of it.

Are Fortnite fans missing the bows?

Fans have been loving the addition of the new mythics and we can clearly see that they love the return of snipers. That said, it doesn’t seem like anyone is hoping this change is permanent. In fact, the novelty of having the snipers back is great, but the DMR has been a more than worthy replacement, so it seems unlikely the snipers stick around long-term.

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