Geralt of Rivia is finally here for fans to get their hands on but how?

A new Fortnite loading screen featuring Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher franchise.
A new Fortnite loading screen featuring Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher franchise. /

Fortnite fans can now get their hands on Geralt of Rivia, but how?

Fans of the Witcher’s Geralt of Rivia can finally come to Fortnite to collect their secret costume, as the main character of the Witcher has in fact been unlocked in the Fortnite Battle Pass. Fans can now obtain him and his items but to do so, fans have to complete tasks instead of earning levels.

There are two pages of items to get but the second one hasn’t been unveiled yet. So to get through the first page, here are the items you have to complete.

To unlock the loading screen, you have to play in five different matches and unlock a Reality Augment. This isn’t too hard but it does make you play more than you’d need to, as you can unlock four Reality Augments per game.

to get the Muscle Memory Spray, you have to complete three bounties. Now, the Fortnite website said you have to complete three bounties, but you don’t actually have to be the one who eliminates them. I was able to do achieve this when someone poached my bounty.

You get the Witcher Back Bling by defeating the Ageless Champion. It doesn’t have to be the Ageless Champion but as he’s the only boss in the game and it says “defeat a boss”, he’ll have to due.

To get the Igni Sign Smote, you have to emote in the Citadel Throne Room. Pretty easy.

To get the Witcher’s STeel Sword Pickaxe, you have to inflict 500 damage on an opponent using mele attacks. So get the Shockwave Hammer.

And finally, to get Geralt of Rivia, just complete the Page 1 quest.

The Witcher challenges are far from being difficult in Fortnite

The Witcher challenges are far from ard, and at best you’ll have to play five-10 matches just to get all the things resolved. The biggest issues I had was finding bounty boards that haven’t been claimed yet, and getting to the Citadel to defeat The Ageless Champion without four or five players showing up at the same time to fight him.

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