This combination of a Reality Augment and a new Mythic Weapon is unstoppable

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It’s time to become unstoppable in Fortnite with this pairing of Reality Augment and Mythic Weapon.

Fortnite has made Chapter 4, Season 1 quite possibly the best season in franchise history. From the Shockwave Hammer to two giant anime crossovers with Dragon Ball and My Hero Academia, to the incredibly well-designed map and of course, the new Most Wanted event.

All of these things have, as the kids say, slapped. I think I used that right.

One of the best aspects of the new season, however, is the Reality Augments. There are 35 active (36 total), and the combinations are varied and unique, and finding the right pair can make you nye unstoppable.

Making things even more impressive is the fact that the game has brought in new Mythic Weapons, which give players unique traits that come with the weapon. The SMG makes you run fast and one of the shotguns completely destroys structures in one shot. It’s been a lot of fun, yet if you combine one augment and a new mythic weapon, you can win just about any match.

Become a Battle Royale champion with his combo in Fortnite

If you are lucky enough (or got enough gold bars), and you land on the Party Time perk, you may be about ready to become a demonic warrior from above. If you can get that perk, and then also get your hands on the new Heisted Explosive Assault Rifle, you will have set yourself up to have an easy breezy path to victory.

Due to the Heisted Explosive Assault Rifle being a weapon that shoots explosives, your aim doesn’t need to be perfect with this weapon. Getting a strike near the opposing player or enemy AI, will cause significant damage on its own. So if you get all three balloons deployed and float all the way up, you can use the Heisted Explosive Assault Rifle to reign firey explosions onto your enemies from above like a petulant god.

If you have these two items and you still lose, that’s on you.

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