Riftjector Seat augment has been removed from Fortnite temporarily

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Fortnite has removed the Riftjector perk for the time being.

Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 1 has been a blast and they’ve got a lot right. Yet, they’ve continuously run into issues with perks, weapons, and other aspects of the game not working correctly, causing the dev team to remove it from the game for a time being. Nothing has been safe from this brutal curse, not even crossovers.

The My Hero Academia was thought to have ended prematurely when the Deku Smash mythic was vaulted due to a glitch. The folks at Fortnite made up for it, however, and not only brought it back but have kept it in the game far longer than the normal two-to-three-week window such perks are usually given.

Another part of the season, the Riftjector Seat Reality Agument has been vaulted due to an issue with conflicting data.

Fortnite hopes to have the Riftjector seat back by next week

Fortnite created the perfect augment in the Riftjector, which creates an automatic rift and sends you through it anytime your shield is drained to nothing. It’s an incredibly nifty device and would have worked wonderfully in the current Most Wanted event.

However, a conflict with a Hotfix data patch has seemingly caused the issue to one of Fortnite’s most useful perks.

The new update coming next week should be when the to augment is returned to the game, though with the way this season has been going, that could be anyone’s guess. It’s not always clear if the fix is easy or not. Sometimes it is, they just wait to do all of their patchworks at once usually. That is unless there’s a major issue that requires an immediate update.

Since that’s not the case here, fans will have to wait until next week to get the augment back.

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