You can apparently get the The Heist Flier Umbrella without having to win

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Are you struggling to get The Heist Flier Umbrella during Fortnite’s Most Wanted event?

Fortnite is an easy game to learn, but a very difficult one to master. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that it takes time to figure out the best way to play so that you can win a Battle Royale or Zero Build contest. Once you figure it out, you can start racking up some wins ever so often or even string some wins together.

Due to the fact that Fortnite believes most of its players can win a game or two, they’ve made it possible to win a free cosmetic by winning a Battle Royale event. Yet, what if you want the umbrella but aren’t very good?

Well, there’s a glitch that may help you out.

A Fortnite glitch can help you get The Heist Flier Umbrella

Now, according to Forever Fortnite, this glitch was still active as of Feb. 19, 2023, so if it’s not anymore, sorry. Yet, if it’s still active, here’s how you can exploit the issue.

First, you change your game mode to Party Royale. Activate the game mode and once you connect, as soon as you can, you leave the mode. If the glitch is still working you’ll instantly be awarded the Heist Flier Umbrella. It’s entirely possible that by the time you read this, the glitch will no longer be working and you’ll be “forced” to earn it, but on the off-chance that it is still working, you’ve now just gotten a free umbrella.

So there’s that at least.

Considering how much free stuff you can get during the Most Wanted event already, you’d be best off just grinding in Battle Royale and hoping to get lucky, that way you can earn the umbrella alongside the rest of the free goodies.

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