When is the next update coming and will it be the last of the season?

A new Fortnite loading screen featuring Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher franchise.
A new Fortnite loading screen featuring Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher franchise. /

The next update for Fortnite is coming sooner than later.

Fortnite just updated the game about a week ago, bringing in the Most Wanted event. The event has largely been a hit, with free cosmetics, the return of long-missed exotic weapons, brand-new heist-themed mythic weapons, and three new bosses to fight. It’s been a great deal of fun, but that fun isn’t going to last long.

The current Most Wanted event is looking like it won’t last nearly as long as the My Hero Academia crossover, which is still ongoing. No, the Most Wanted event will likely be concluding in about a week’s time.

The next update, v23.50 is expected to debut next week sometime, as Fortnite data miner Shiina on Twitter found that the update has been added to the staging servers already.

What can fans expect in the next Fortnite update?

We can’t say with any certainty what’s coming to the game with the next update, but it’d be fair to say that the game is likely going to remove all the current content that came with the Most Wanted update. That means the freebies you’re currently trying to earn in the game will be vaulted, so get to grinding if you haven’t started yet. It’s not often Fortnite gives players a chance at free outfits.

The update will also see the end of the Heisted Mythic weapons that have been a big hit with the player base. As those are tied to the vaults and the bosses, it seems logical that the vaults and Cold Blooded bosses, as well as their henchmen, will also see their days on the island come to an end.

It’s also very likely the old exotics that returned for the event will be vaulted as well. That includes the Heavy Sniper. Likely the bows will return as well, but it’s also possible they switch the bows for snipers in the update.

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