Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2 released 3 years ago, bringing in a new feature

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February 20 marked three years since a new feature came to Fortnite

Fortnite has been doing its things for a few years now, and while some of the game may seem like old hat to many, not every idea and concept has been around as long as the others. Vehicles weren’t part of the game’s launch, Battle Passes didn’t always include crossover characters from mainstream sources of entertainment and bosses weren’t part of the game early on.

Just about three years ago to the day, Fortnite launched Chapter 2, Season 2, and with it came the concept of in-game bosses. These weren’t like the Save the World boss, Storm King, who you had to defeat to win the game. No these were “bosses” in the sense that they were tougher than the normal NPCs no the map.

NPCs, by the way, were also first brought into Fortnite in Chapter 2, Season 2. The bosses are just a more powerful and thereby difficult enemy.

Fortnite would be less than without boss battles

While few things are as infuriating as a player taking away your boss-win, and snagging the mythic they drop, it would be a far less fun game if bosses didn’t exist. In fact, the only gripe about Chapter 4, Season 1 has been the fact that Geno, aka the Ageless Champion, is the only boss on the map.

Granted, he drops some super powerful mythic weapons, but Chapter 3 saw a whole host of bosses during the war arc, and it really made that season so much fun. Especially when you did battle with Huntmaster Saber, and took his thermal rifle from him.

The hope is that Chapter 4, Season 2 brings in a few more bosses to spice up the game.

If they don’t, the Cold Blooded Vault Bosses have been a fun addition, and Darth Vader is expected to return to the game sooner rather than later.

The game would be drastically different without the bosses, so a tip of the cap to the season that made it all possible.

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