There’s an easy way for Fortnite fans to collect the computer chips from the Guardian Shields

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The latest Oathbound Quests in Fortnite will see players having to harvest computer chips from Guardian Shields.

If you’re playing through Fortnite’s Oathbound Quests for the current week, you may have noticed that one, you’re traveling a lot, and two, you need to harvest a lot of things too. Some for Rift Warden Stellen and some for AIME. Most of these are easy, just require looking for metal structures, and traveling a lot while avoiding the storm.

Yet, one aspect that may hang up fans is the need to harvest computer chips from Guardian Shields so that AIME can finish her quest and go looking for the Scienst. This seems like a tough ask to get, as you can only get these computer chips from a Guardian Shield. You have to do damage to a shield after you scan a player for blueprints.

The thing is though, there’s a very easy workaround to this little challenge.

The final Oathbound Quests are very easy

The Oathbound Quests aren’t hard at all, the biggest obstacles you have to deal with are obviously other players and the storm. You’re going to be darting back and forth between locations, so you’ll likely need health to survive in the storm. At least you will if you’re trying to do all of the quests in one match.

The ease with which you can gather the items required is pretty shocking. For instance, AIME asks you to scan players for blueprints, but you really only need to do this once with the Falcon Drone and then you’re done.

This leads us to the quest where you harvest computer chips (microchips?). All you have to do is find your own Guardian Shield, deploy it, shoot it from the front, and collect the chips.

That’s it. It’s that easy. After that, you’ll deliver them to AIME and she’ll insult you a few more times before heading off into the either.

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