Fortnite vaulted the Shadow Striker Reality Augment already

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Fortnite has disabled the Shadow Striker perk already.

Fortnite just recently brought five new Reality Augment perks to the table for Chapter 4, Season 1, making it a total of 32. One of the newest arrivals was the Shadow Striker perk. This new Reality Augment allowed players the chance to find a Shadow Grenade in every chest. The Shadow Grenande allows you to turn yourself invisible for up to five seconds every time you deploy it.

When you do, you gain invisibility and invincibility while you’re a shadow. Yet, the folks at Fortnite decided that the grenade was fundamentally broken. See, if you were to deploy the grenade, you would game the system by always being in active motion.

In the video below you can see one way that the Shadow Grenande worked; if you jumped and slid constantly, you would maintain the shadow effects. Another way was found by yours truly. If you deployed three balloons as part of the Party Time perk and floated into the air as you were in the shadow state, you would remain that way until you touched ground again.

Fortnite is having a nasty habit of disabling Reality Augments

The Reality Augments are a fun gimmick for Chapter 4, Season 1, but they’re constantly being disabled. That’s not exactly a fun thing for players to have to put up with.

The devs have vaulted every cool piece of equipment or weapon at some point this season, and that’s a problem. You don’t want long layoffs involving the crossover mythic or the Shockwave Hammer being disabled.

That hurts the player base and with how many players have returned to the chapter so far, you want to make sure you’re finding ways to draw others back and keep the people you have. Constantly having to shutter your best ideas is not going to help things. Hopefully, Fortnite does a better job of sussing out these bugs before implementing more flawed ideas.

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