3 things we’d like to see change in Fortnite after Chapter 4, Season 1 finale

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Fortnite’s current season is almost over and here are three changes we hope to see once it ends.

Fortnite’s Chapter 4, Season 1 is currently on its last legs. The season is ending in about a month’s time and the game is going to want to do everything it can to make the player base stick around. Not just stick around, either, but continue to grow.

Through two months the player base has grown, and that’s a good thing, but to make sure it keeps going some things need to change heading into Chapter 4, Season 2. Granted, you don’t want to change so much up that fans leave the game, that’d be bad.

But you do want to change things up enough to keep things fresh and boy, do we have some ideas for how they should do Chapter 4, Season 2. Now, these might be better concepts in theory than in execution but we’re willing to take that chance.

Three things we want to see changed in Chapter 4, Season 2

A couple more bosses

The Ageless Champion is a great boss to fight but we hope that the next season brings in some more bosses to fight. If the rumors of the Seven turning villainous are true, maybe add them to the map in seven unique areas?

A returning POI on the map

Rumors abound that Tilted Towers could be returning to the game, and that would be a great thing to see. We’re hoping that they do come back in a less populated, more sparse region of the map. If not them, however, maybe another iconic POI?

Replacing all standard weapons with more unique concepts

We love the current weapon pool in Fortnite, but we’re afraid that with the Season 2 arrival, we’re going to lose things like the Shockwave Hammer. So instead of worrying about losing those types of weapons, why not replace every conventional gun in Fortnite with one of their originals? Keep the Shockwave Hammer, the ex-Caliber Rifle, bring back the Unstable Goo Gun and the Grab-itron and everything else you can think of.

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