When are the Firefly Launcher and Boombox finally coming to Fortnite?

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Fortnite has two new weapons coming to Chapter 4, Season 1 but when will they arrive?

One of my biggest gripes about Fortnite is that sometimes the game tries to be too serious, too real, and too boring. The guns are fine but what I’m really here for are the nonsense weapons. A hammer you can bounce with? A gun that shoots exploding sword bolts? A falcon that can loot treasure chests and a rechargeable shield?

That’s the stuff I want. I want a shotgun that launches me into the air if I use it. I want tracking silence pistols. I want a bow and arrow I can grapple with. I want a bow and arrow that will send me or my opponents flying depending on where I shoot. I want madness, lunacy, and nonsense.

And Fortnite is promising to deliver even more of that to us in Chapter 4, Season 1 with the release of the Firefly Launcher and the new Boombox weapons. Fans have been waiting for them all chapter, and many thought that we’d get them with the v23.30 update.

We didn’t. So now what?

Expect the weapons in Chapter 4, Season 2

Fortnite has just about a month left in the current season, with Chapter 4, and Season 2 starting on March 11, 2023. With just about a month between now and then, and the Geralt release coming to the Battle Pass this week, there doesn’t really appear to be a lot of time to release new weapon content, especially if the game stays true to form and vaults-specific weapons between seasons.

Waiting for Season 2 to start before introducing the weapons is a smarter idea than shoehorning them in at the end of the first season of Chapter 4, and will give players new things to look forward to with the start of a new season.

Just, hopefully, they don’t vault some of the stuff we really like from Season 1.

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