Fortnite has now made it so Slap Juice can affect rideable animals

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Are you a fan of riding animals but wish they had more stamina?

Fortnite has done a bit of work this year to try and make traversal easier in this Chapter. They’ve introduced Shockwave Hammers, dirt bikes, new Reality Augments that allow for easier traversal, and the new Slap Juice containers. The Slap Juice is similar but different from Chug Splash items. They both restore your health, with the Slap Juice restoring 15 points, to the Chug Splash’s 20 points.

That’s not all, as the Slap Juice comes in sets of three, while the Chug Splash comes in sets of two. The other major difference is that the Slap Juice gives players a stamina boost for a few seconds, allowing a player to sprint uninterrupted.

This has made it a bit easier to outrun the storm when you’re stuck deep behind the line. You can use the Slap Juice while you’re moving (not sprinting), so they really have made traversal a bit easier. But that’s not all, if you’re a fan of riding wildlife, the Slap Juice now has some interesting side effects on them as well.

Riding animals get a perk thanks to Fortnite’s new Slap juice

Whether you’re riding a wolf or a bore, if you’re a fan of assisted animal travel, you can now help out your furry little friends. Simply get the animal close enough to a Slap Juice container and break it so that it covers both you and your furry travel-buggy, and not only will you get an unlimited stamina boost as usual, but so will your critter.

The effects won’t last forever on the little guy/gal, but it will last long enough to hopefully get away from an overzealous opponent, who just can’t seem to leave you guys alone.

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