Fortnite fans are already over the new Rift Warden Stellan outfit

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Rift Warden Stellan is not the character Fortnite fans were hoping for.

Fortnite had long been hyping up the debut of the dreaded Rift Warden. A follower of the Ageless Champion and someone who seemingly wanted to build rift gates to be able to either travel through time and space or bring something from beyond to the island.

Not only was the Rift Warden’s plans a secret, but his look was too. For weeks people speculated on what he would look like and we now know. The Rift Warden, named Stellan, has a similar look to the Ageless Champion.

He wears white bull body armor and has a helmetless and helmet-on look while rocking similar back blings and a pick axe that harkens back to the aesthetic look that the Ageless Champion is currently rocking.

That look-alike design has made a lot of fans snub their nose down at Stellan.

Some Fortnite fans are not happy with the Rift Warden Stellan design

Some fans in the comment sections on Twitter are not happy with the design of the Rift Warden Stellan character. They cite his androgynous look, the sameness in his armor, his slender frame, and his long blonde hair as just some of the reasons they weren’t happy with what we got.

It’s hard to say they didn’t have a point, it isn’t the best design we got. With a name like the Rift Warden, I was envisioning something more “Diablo” in design, and less “off-brand-Link”. That’s just me. The look was a bit lackluster and not what I expected at all.

The only thing that can be said is that he at least looks like he’s part of the Ageless Champions’ court of knights with the armor similarities. So Stellan has that going for him.

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