When will the Dragon Ball and My Hero Academia mythics get vaulted?

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Dragon Ball has an end date in Fortnite.

Dragon Ball has been a big hit for Fortnite in the past and while it’s too soon to see if the anime giant bolstered the numbers for the gaming giant this time around, we do know that fans that are here have been loving the crossover. Besides getting Piccolo and young-adult Gohan in the latest crossover, the Kamehameha Beam and the Nimbus Cloud both returned with the second crossover.

This was great news, especially since it’s seemingly crossed over with the tail end of the My Hero Academia crossover as well. That means fans can use the Kamehameha Beam and the Deku Smash in succession on someone to really ruin their good time.

But good things don’t last forever, and we know that the Dragon Ball and My Hero Academia crossovers have to end at some point but when?  Well, we know at least one of those end dates now.

When will Dragon Ball and My Hero Academia leave Fortnite?

We know that Dragon Ball will leave Fortnite on Feb. 13, at least that’s what some leakers are revealing on Twitter. That seems to make sense as most crossover events only run for two weeks, at most, usually. The My Hero Academia crossover has been around longer mostly due to how badly it was botched when it was first implemented at the tail end of 2022.

So when does the My Hero Academia crossover leave Fortnite? I wouldn’t be surprised if it leaves with the Dragon Ball crossover, nor would I be surprised if it was removed from the game by the time you read this. There’s been no real indication about that at the moment, so really it could happen anytime.

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