5 Reality Augments that Fortnite should drop to make it less cluttered

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Fortnite brought in a new round of Reality Augments and things are getting cluttered.

Fortnite is doing the work to make sure the game doesn’t get stagnant. One of the things they’ve done to really deliver on the promise of fast and exciting gameplay is to introduce Reality Augments. The concept is that Reality Augments serve as in-game perks for players. Players can collect up to four per game, depending on how long they last, and these perks will stay active throughout the duration of the match.

They get cleared after the match is over. Players can select from two perk options at a time and can shuffle through toward two new options for free once per match. Any additional bonus roles will cost 100 gold. This has really made the game more exciting and has opened up the option of doing perk-only runs.

It’s great to have such things as part of the game, but the problem now comes up that there are too many perks to sort through. There are now 32 perks you can pick from, up from the original 22, and frankly, not all of them are worth having. So we found the five we think should get dropped.

Five Reality Augments to get rid of

Demolitions Munitions

This perk allows players to get grenades and such when they destroy structures, but the problem with that revolves around the grenades. They’re not very useful and players don’t usually use them unless it’s all they have access towards.

Jelly Angler

There are so many better ways to get healing items than by fishing for them. Like the Chug Cannon perk, for instance.

Rushing Reload

This perk allows players to have their shotguns auto-reloaded while they run. Why not just give them a perk that’s actually useful?

Light Fingers

Reloading a gun faster shouldn’t be a perk, but yet it is.


The Aerialist mimics the Breath of the Wild glider gimmick, and while that may work for some fans who look to leap off of large structures for some reason, having things like the Shockwave Hammer or the Soaring Sprints perk negates the need for this perk.

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