3 ways Fortnite can fix their events for future opportunities

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Fortnite can fix live events with three easy additions.

Fortnite has really scuttled their live events lately. The entire gimmick of allowing players to participate in season or chapter-ending events has faded away. Sure, they’re cool for fans to check out the first time, but for long-running players? They’re the worst. They’re long, pointless, and provide no real risk. You’re going to win, or survive, or whatever.

It’s programmed to never truly let you lose. The illusion was there, sure but then they took that away to close out Chapter 3 with arguably the worst live event of all time; Fracture. Fracture saw a new villain get hyped through in-game interactions and a looming battle with The Herald for the sake of the island.

None of that happened. In fact, the island gets destroyed, the Herald wins, and then players did pointless fetch quests for 40 minutes, all while a stupid storyline of Brie Larson building a new island is played in the background.

Maybe all of the budget went to pay her?

It was the final straw for fans, and now people are dreading the next live event, and that shouldn’t be the case. Instead, we have three easy fixes for Fortnite that they should implement for their next season-ending event.

Three ways to fix Fortnite’s live event problem

Have the event play out during an actual match

This used to be how it went, at last during the first few live events. If you were part of a lobby when the event was going on, you would see the event play out during an actual match. At least, that’s how it’s been described. I’ve not been around that long. Now, the event takes place in a giant interactive video, with no stakes and no reason to change how you play. It’s rather dull, but watching it play out while trying to wind the final match of the season? That would be cool.

Put V-Bucks/Battle Stars on the line

Another way to make the live events more fun; give players a reward for not dying. And make dying during an event a real thing. Have it actually be possible for players to get eliminated, and once they do they can only watch the events play out. The players left standing, or the winner of the match, however you want to do it, should get V-Bucks for winning. If not, then at least Battle Stars and gold to start the next season. Give them enough to get the Battle Pass, and I assure you, fans will want to play the live events again.

Toggle into passive mode

So now you’ve given players a challenge, and a reward, what about an alternative? Letting players toggle between a competition nd just watching would really allow those who just want to experience the event a way to do so. They won’t be eligible for any of the rewards, but they’ll be able to watch the events play out in peace.

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