How did Fortnite’s January do with the My Hero Academia release?

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Fortnite saw a lot of players fall off in 2022 but have January and 2023 been kinder?

The monthly average of players fell off dramatically over the summer of 2022 for Fortnite, losing nearly 20 million players across the summer and fall. Failed events, broken promises, and a pretty lackluster set of Battle Pass’s really didn’t help things. The first Dragon Ball crossover helped but not much.

Things got bleak for the game but then Chapter 4 started in December of 2022 and the average player base for the month increased by 1.5 million. The launch of the new pass certainly helped, but so did the beginning of the My Hero Academia crossover at the end of December.

Now, into January, and with the My Hero Academia crossover having both ended and then restarted again, the numbers are looking good. With a day left in the month, Fortnite has added yet nearly another 1 million fans to the monthly average.

This is a good sign and with the second Dragon Ball crossover having arrived on the last day of the month, it looks like the game should see a steady increase into February and beyond.

What does Fortnite need to do to keep the base going up?

Frankly, it’s not hard to figure out what to do next. The dev team released a new concert and game mode to coincide with the Kid Laroi collab, and they’re double-dipping with My Hero Academia and Dragon Ball crossovers, which I encourage everyone to get in on while you can. Geralt from the Witcher is about to release for the Battle Pass, and really, all they need to do is stick the landing for the rest of the chapter.

As long as the next Battle Pass is filled with top names like Season 1’s was, they’ll be fine and will continue to see modest gains.

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