What were the map changes to Fortnite after v23.30

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Fortnite changed some of the map around after the v23.30 update.

The v23.30 update arrived and with it came a major crossover in the form of a returning Dragon Ball. This time players got Gohan and Piccolo, as well as the returning Kamehameha blast and Nimbus Cloud mythic item. Those weren’t the only major additions to the game with the update.

So what else has changed since the addition of the latest update? Well, the most obvious was the change in the Battle Bus design. It’s not purple and green, with the Dragon Ball design now serving as the balloon.

Not only that but AMIE has built herself a body, though she isn’t on the map quite yet. There are wanted posters around the island, and some believe these are a clue to Chapter 4, Season 2’s Battle Pass. It may not be, but who knows?

There’s also now a completed Rift Portal that the Rift Warden built, and that AMIE is going to use to rescue The Seven. That’s just North West of the Citadel. There’s also now unbreakable bamboo, but we’re not sure what that’s about just yet.

Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 2 may be even wilder

The current chapter is a hit, we know that for a fact. Nearly 2 million players have returned to the game over the last two months, and the new weapons and items are right in line with what fans wanted; more dynamic gameplay. Less real, and more fun.

The crossovers have all been great and the game is just, as said before, more fun.

Yet in season two of Chapter 4, there are rumblings that the island will see the return, yet again, of Tilted Towers.

The landmark may be making a return to the game, and if it does, may be a byproduct of AMIE saving The Seven. So keep an eye out for that.

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