If you combine these two Reality Augments in Fornite you can float invisibly for as long as you want

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A new Reality Augment can be coupled with an old one to make yourself invisible.

The folks at Fortnite brought in a brand new Reality Augment called the Shadow Striker. This new augment allows players to find Shadow Grenades that turn you invisible for five seconds or so, allowing you to move around the map quickly, silently, and without being seen. It’s not great on its own, as the usage time on the grenades is pretty awful.

Yet, if you combine the Shadow Striker augment with the Party Time augment, great things happen. For those who don’t know, the Party Time perk allows you to spawn up to three balloons at a time, which elevates you off the ground completely. The augment works in such a way that if you reach the maximum height with three balloons, you’ll essentially stay in the air for as long as you want. See, the third balloon always pops, but then several seconds later, it redeploys. If you get high enough, you’ll never fall less than halfway before the third balloon redeploys.

Making sure you stay airborne indefinitely until you release the balloons or someone shoots you down. And considering the Shadow Grenades work in such a way that if you are in mid-air when the timer runs out, you won’t revert back to a solid form until you hit the ground.

So if you time it just right, you could combine the two perks, wait until you have two balloons and are on the verge of a third, throw down a shadow grenade, do the shadow leap double jump into the air, and if you time it right you’ll float all the way up to the map as a shadow.

Questions and concerns about doing this

Now, are you completely invisible? I don’t think so, I believe the balloons are visible but if players don’t know what they’re looking for, they may not even think twice about seeing random balloons floating.

The second issue is if they do notice you and shoot you down, will you still land injury free due to the shadow grenande still being active? I believe so, but it is risky to find out. Lastly, assuming you don’t need to drop, you’ll be up there for a long time but the one drawback is while you’re floating, you won’t be able to use any weapons due to that being locked while you are transformed into a shadow.

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