Fortnite brought in 5 new Reality Augments but are these any better?

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Fortnite has added five new Reality Augments to the game.

Fortnite made a bold decision to add five new Reality Augments to the game this late into Chapter 4, Season 1. The Reality Augments are a brand new mechanic for the new chapter and they have not always been well done. Some had to be taken offline to have bugs taken out. Others are so rarely seen that it feels deliberate.

Then of course you have the awful, useless augments that really don’t serve anyone any good besides hampering players trying out an Augment Only run. The last crop of additions didn’t go over well either, as they were some of the least impressive. Most of them had to do with siphoning health from other players, and that’s neat, I guess, but most of them were pretty useless.

These new five, however, are anything but.

Here are the five new ones and the description from Fortnite’s website;

"Rift-jector SeatAnytime your Shield breaks, you’ll rift into the sky after a short delay.Shadow StrikerBecome able to get Shadow Bombs from containers.Icy SlideGet a brief icy speed boost while sliding.HarvesterFoliage you destroy will drop Big Bush Bombs and forageables. Also increases the effectiveness of eating forageables.Mythic MunitionObtain a Mythic Pistol."

All five new Reality Augments add a lot to Fortnite

The last crop of Reality Augments really just cluttered the mechanic, and its a mechanic that really does add a lot to the game, but there are almost too many Reality Augments now. These five, however, should not go anywhere. They are great additions to the game.

Especially the Rift-jector Seat and the Icy Slide. Those are great for getting away from opposing players who have the drop on you and you don’t have a Shockwave Hammer or Nimbus to escape with.

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