Fortnite breaks pattern and brings in only two Dragon Ball characters

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The new Dragon Ball crossover is here but did Fortnite deliver again?

Fortnite has brought back Dragon Ball to help goose the stats for Chapter 4, Season 1. The chapter change has brought in an increase in players, as has the combination of the My Hero Academia crossover that is still somehow on-going. Now, Dragon Ball is here and getting fans hyped for another go around.

Last time, fans got the Nimbus Cloud, the Kamehameha, Goku, Vegeta, Beerus, and Bulma, so this time we’re going to get very similar things, right? Well, the Nimubs and Kamehameha attack did return, as did a makeover for the Battle Bus. Yet, this time around only two characters debuted in Fortnite.

Adult Gohan and Piccolo. While they’re great additions to the game, the anime crossovers that Fortnite has been doing were always a quartet. The first Dragon Ball had four characters, both Naruto crossovers had four characters each and so did the My Hero Academia crossover.

Yet, this one only had two, and frankly, it kinda hurt the appeal.

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Gotta say, two characters, and not even a re-release of the first crop of Dragon Ball characters in the Fortnite store? That’s a weak way to go. The game had so many other characters to pull from, Like Krillin, Napa, Cell, Trunks, Mr. Satan, Videl, and Yamcha. Ok, well, maybe not Yamcha.

So to only give fans two characters, that’s pretty weak.

However, the second crossover is arguably better than the first, for one major reason. For a short time, fans can get in and play with not only the Kamehameha Blast, but also the Deku Smash from the My Hero Academia crossover.

So, things are getting wild right now in Fortnite.

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