Fortnite is ruining Chapter 4, Season 1 by nerfing the Shockwave Hammer

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Fortnite ruined a lot of peoples’ day by nerfing the Shockwave Hammer.

Fortnite is at it again. In their attempt to steal all the fun from their game, which only surely decreases the already dwindling player base even more, the dev team has made a controversial decision. That decision was to cut the number of bounces you can use your Shockwave Hammer for.

Originally, you would have four bounces you could use in a row before the hammer had to recharge. Each bounce was its own individual charge, so you could use one bounce just a few seconds later.

Originally, each reload only took 15 seconds, and given that the Shockwave Hammer was the best way to escape a storm or a firefight, everyone wanted to carry one. Then the dev team took the hammer out of the game and reworked it so that each reload on the hammer now took 20 seconds.

Annoying, but whatever. Just stack them in your inventory. now, however, the dev team is nerfing the weapon even more by reducing the number of bounces from four to three. To say fans online were mad about this is an understatement.

Fortnite is ruining things that fans aren’t complaining about

Some fans don’t like the Shockwave Hammer at all. That’s fine, they’re in the clear minority. Most fans love the hammer and love the abilities that it comes with. They see the constant meddling of the developers as an issue.

It’s bad enough to make the reload times even longer, it’s even worse to make the hammer itself significantly weaker by reducing the number of bounces it can hold. Considering the wind-up time needed to swing the thing, and to bounce, is already long enough, this felt like an unnecessary balancing issue.

Hopefully, Fortnite realizes they messed up because we still have nearly two months’ worth of the month left, fans are not going to stick around if they keep screwing with our favorite toys in the game.

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