3 things we want fixed with Fortnite’s new reality augments

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Fortnite’s Reality Augments are great but they’re not perfect.

Fortnite brought Reality Augments into the game for the first time in Chapter 4, Season 1. Depending on how long you last in a match, you could have up to four perks added to your profile for the duration of the match. These could range from boosts to your stamina, necessary items, and the like.

Yet, just because these new items arrived, and made the game more interesting, doesn’t mean they’re perfect or even all valued the same.

Some of the augments suck and make no real impact on the game, other than to cost you gold bars cycling through the various options. So we think its’ time that Fortnite fixes this issue and we have some ideas how to make some of the lesser augments better.

Three things that need to be fixed with Fortnite’s Reality Augments

Toggle Reality Augments as needed

One of the biggest issues with Reality Augments is that it’s not exactly conducive to using them all the time. The two most noted are Soaring Sprints and Party Time, which allows you to leap higher into the air if you jump while sprinting, and gives you up to three balloons every few seconds. These are great if you could control when you use them but that’s the case. So if you don’t want to linger in the air every time you jump while sprinting, there’s nothing you can do about it. The balloons are even worse, as it forces new balloons onto you instead of choosing when you want them. Being able to toggle these off and on would be huge.

Make Storm Mark only show other players

Every time I use Storm Mark I’m left wondering where the enemies on screen are, especially since the dang augment highlights all wildlife as well. It’s infuriating when I can’t decipher who’s who and where they are. Removing animals from appearing would be a huge help, so would improving the directional device used to locate the enemies.

Don’t specify weapon augments

Several augments, like First Assault, Light Fingers, Bloodhound, Pistol Amp, Rifle Recycle, and Rushing Reload should be universal. Some of these force you to play with specific weapons that you may not want to play with, and thus limits the usefulness of the augments. I don’t use a lot of shotguns, so Rushing Reload is worthless to me. Expand the concept of reloading all your weapons while you run and you make Rushing Reload so much better. Limiting these to specific weapon types just doesn’t make sense.

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