Fortnite would be wise to do this next year for New Year’s Eve

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Fortnite has made New Year’s Eve already a treat in-game but we have ways of making it better.

Fortnite has made New Year’s Eve into a mini-party each and every year. The devs drop a disco ball, make a countdown each time a new time-zone goes from Dec. 31 to Jan. 1, and have ever player enjoy a fireworks show while dancing. It’s a neat little way to ring in the new year and give players a unique experience.

But, every holiday is just another opportunity to bring in old and new fans alike, and Fortnite would be wise to consider bringing in some new elements into the game on New Year’s Eve. We’ve talked before about how the dev team should do more giveaways like Chrome Punk, where you have to achieve certain things to unlock the character and other free cosmetics.

What if you do that, but make it only available for one day, across the 24 hours on New Year’s Eve? Starting with the earliest time zone (+14 GMT) and going to the latest timezone (-12 GMT), give players just 24 hours to unlock the cosmetics available or lose them forever.

It would certainly be a fun way to end WinterFest and would help attract new fans to the game.

Beyond just free cosmetics, Fortnite should do one-day tournaments

Beyond just giving away free cosmetics, Fortnite could also bring in one-day tournaments to help draw interest as well. This would be another avenue to hand out some select free cosmetics and possibly some rare outfits.

If you can help get more eyes on the product during these holidays, then you may be able to entice the players, both old and new, to stick around. The idea is that each new holiday may offer up some unique rewards.

Which would be a great idea.

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