Fortnite’s Shockwave Hammer glitch is apparently not universal

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Players found that Shockwave Hammers can be spammed infinitely if you use them in water.

Fortnite often times has to work out the glitches of various items that get introduced into the game. It’s unfortunately a regular occurrence. Whenever a new item, mechanic, or idea gets implemented, there are always some latent issues. So it’s not surprising that the Shockwave Hammer had its own set of issues.

One of these issues is that the hammer can be spammed if you use it in the water. Allegedly.  So as the story goes, if you’re using the Shockwave Hammer while swimming, you’ll be able to spam the move infinitely.

As seen in the video below, one user found this and was able to show how the glitch works. The only thing is, this isn’t something most players can find because it doesn’t seem to work on consoles, just PCs.

The Shockwave Hammer glitch never worked for the console ports of the game

I’ve used the Shockwave Hammer quite a bit in Fortnite, it’s a default item simply due its ability to become a getaway item. I’ve used it in every way possible, and while you can use the bounce feature on water if you start the action in the air or on the ground prior to the water, it does not work when you’re in the water as a starting point.

This glitch may have been fixed for the PC port, as I’m not seeing much chatter anymore about this glitch but as far as console users, this was never a glitch that you could exploit. Now, maybe it is, maybe it’s on the Xbox port, but I routinely play on the PS4 and Switch ports, and have not been able to duplicate this glitch in any of the playthroughs I’ve tried.

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