How do you unlock the mid-season styles for Fortnite’s Battle Pass

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Do you have the Fortnite Battle Pass and need to know how to unlock the mid-season styles?

The Battle Pass is a great concept. For just a few bucks, you can have access to multiple new outfits, cosmetics, and free in-game currency (V-Bucks). Sure, the game needs to adjust how much you need to play to unlock all the items, but the concept works. The Battle Pass brings you more than just a bounty of new items.

But it also gives you the ability to get unique styles depending on how much you play. Some of them are called the Midseason Style, and they offer a whole host of new styles for most, if not all of the outfits.

Then you have the Bonus Rewards, which also offer up a new crop of character variants as well. So Battle Pass does hook you up.

That said, if you want to get in on the Midseason Styles, how do you unlock them?

How do Fortnite fans unlock the Battle Pass’ Midseason Styles?

First, you do not need to have completed the base Battle Pass achievements to begin unlocking the midseason cosmetics.

Secondly, you can only start earning the levels needed to unlock the styles once they’ve become available. They release one at a time, and each requires you to gain 10 levels before accessing them.

Thirdly, you must go in order. You can’t skip and get the Doom Guy Ember Armor first, you have to start with the Sunlit Selene outfit.

Fourth, and finally, it does not matter what outfit you use to unlock these. You don’t need to have a Selene outfit enabled to unlock her, nor with Massai, or with Doom Guy, etc.

They release once a week, and you’ll have until the end of the season to unlock them all.

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