Ranking 5 of our favorite original Fortnite outfits that we own

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What original designs from Fortnite do we consider to be among our favorite in our collections?

What is your favorite origianl Fortnite outfit that you own? And for those not sure what we mean by outfit, you may call them skins, characters, or what have you, but they’re the items you get from the Fortnite item shop.

Fortnite has done a great job creating their own line of characters that fit into their universe. We haven’t bought many but we have bought our fair share, so we thought we’d let you know who we’ve picked up over the last 12 months that we consider to be among our favorite original designs that now reside in our locker.

We’re doing a seperate list for the crossover attires.

We’re specifically looking at the outfits, however, not the cosmetics that come with them, so keep that in mind.

Our five favorite original Fortnite outfits we own

Big Chuggus

The beast that is Big Chuggus has one of teh coolest super villain looks in all Fortnite. He’s the Slurp Juice version of Bane and he’s incredible. From the color scheme, to the way the Slurp runs from the tubes from his head to the suit he wears, he just looks intimading. But in a way only the came can pull off.

Battle Hound

Battle Hound is one of those characteres that just looks like the kind of character we’d all watch on those old Saturday Morning cartoons. The animal helmet adds a depth of mystique to the character that allows us to really engage with him.


He’s a ninja with one of the best looking coats in the game. The yellow and black color scheme rocks, as it helps him offset from the, at times, overly colorful creations that Fortnite has produced in recent years.

Chrome Punk

If you combine Halloween, and punk culture into one, you get Chrome Punk. As we’re big fans of both, this speaks to us.


He’s a skeleton with a pun for a name. Come on.

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