The My Hero Academia crossover ended up busting hard

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Fortnite has ended the My Hero Academia crossover and it went out with a whimper.

You’ll have to forgive me if I don’t speak highly about the My Hero Academia crossover. Simply put, it was an utter disappointment. Not in every way, mind you. I want to be fair here, and I feel it’d be unfair to not talk about the things I did enjoy.

I liked the free cosmetics we got and the character selection for purchase was acceptable. There are better designs and better characters from the My Hero Academia comic that would’ve been cooler, like Edgeshot, but he’s a minor character. The four characters we did get are major characters, so it makes sense why they were selected.

I even picked up two of them (Bakugo and All Might) and I’m usually pretty stingy when it comes to purchasing outfits. I’ve played the game for well over a year and only bought maybe eight or so. So for me to drop actual cash on outfits, then you know I really liked them.

Outside of that, however, Fortnite really dropped the My Hero Academia themed ball.

The My Hero Academia crossover felt like it was randomly stopped mid-way

Getting rid of the All Might themed drosp and of course removign the Deku Smash weapon from the Battle Roayle and Zero Build modes was not well received. Just randomly, overnight, they yanked them out of rotation. They did so during the winter break as well, meaning the folks at Fortnite wouldn’t be back in time to rejigger the weapon and put it bakc into rotation.

So instead, it was removed completely and we’ll likely not see it again until the next time they collab with My Hero Academia, which could be a year or more away at least.

Taking away the best part of the cossover, with no warning and never bringing it back is a sure fire way to ruin everyone’s fun.

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